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Q: Does The Moss Man Home Maintenance Co. charge by the hour?
A: We don't charge by the hour. We charge by the job. That way you know what the price is before work commences... and there's no billing surprises!

Q: Is The Moss Man Home Maintenance Co. insured?
A: Yes, we are fully disabilty insured by WCB and Manulife Canada, and also $1,000,000.00 3rd-party liability insured through Megson Fitzpatrick Insurance.

Q: Does The Moss Man provide a guarantee?
A: Yes, our roof de-mossing service comes with a conditional 2-year moss-free guarantee: After our de-mossing, your roof will not look as it appeared prior to our service for at least two to five years. And we always guarantee your 100% satisfaction.

Q: Has The Moss Man Home Maintenance Co. ever received a valid complaint with the Better Business Bureau?

A: Never.

Q: Will your de-mossing damage my roof?
A: No. We are in business to save your roof years of life, not damage it. After our service, you will notice no change to your roof, other than its nice new, or near new appearance.   If your roof is past the point of benefiting from de-mossing, we will tell you and recommend that you not de-moss it (our rule is that if we are not confident your roof will last at least another 5 years after we've de-mossed it, we recommend you should not spend a dime de-mossing it, and instead start your re-roofing fund). Our mission: We are here to help you save money by significantly extending the life of your roof, period.

Q: What is the advantage of having my roof de-mossed by The Moss Man?
A: There is simply NO other company that de-mosses roofs as well as The Moss Man, with our degree of care & experience.   We have inspected and de-mossed thousands of roofs since 1996. This is what we do, and do well. We are professional, ethical, and trustworthy. And we're here to help you.

Q: Does The Moss Man use any chemicals on my roof?
A: No. We have learned that chemical approaches to roof de-mossing are a complete waste of time and money. Chemicals may kill roof moss, but they simply won't remove it. Any moss on your roof, alive or dead, acts as a sponge, holding water, which keeps your roof wet, and deteriorates it more quickly than normal.

Q: How does The Moss Man de-moss a roof?
A: We pride ourselves in doing things the old-fashioned way... doing it right! Our roof de-mossing process is careful, meticulous & manual. This means we specialize in the use of various hand tools only (never any pressure-washing, nor chemicals), to painstakingly clear your roof of moss and debris, shingle by shingle. You roof will come off looking new or near new (see Photos Page), and will last years longer than if you didn't hire The Moss Man. The result is the longest-lasting of any roof de-mossing process available, with immediate removal of the roof moss as well--you don't have to wait months for the effect! And no nasty or needless chemicals to deal with either!

Q: How often should I get my roof de-mossed?
A: Depending on your specific moss-growth conditions, usually once every 5 to 10 years is highly beneficial. In the life of a standard 30 year roof, 1 to 3 times max.

Q: How often should I have my gutters cleaned?
A: Once a year is usually needed. Twice or three times a year is sometimes required if you live near lots of trees. Remember you need to keep your gutters draining or you can run into costly problems with gutter, soffit, siding and roof damage. The best time to clean gutters is in the late Fall and early Spring.

Q: Can The Moss Man get the grime off the outside of my gutters too?
A: Yep! We will power wash (the ONLY thing we power wash), all that grime away.  Contact us for a Free Estimate.

Q: Are there employment opportunities with The Moss Man Home Maintenance Co.?
A: Occassionally, yes!  Please visit our Contact page for contact information.

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