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Roof De-MossingRoof De-Mossing
Gutter CleaningGutter Cleaning

Window WashingWindow Washing

Greater Victoria
from Sooke to Sidney
Since 1996

The Moss Man Home Maintenance Co. began very simply in July, 1996 when The Moss Man de-mossed a friend's roof. Soon thereafter, calls from interested neighbours and referrals came in. From these humble beginnings (not to mention a lot of hard work), business began to take off... and has grown steadily ever since!

Initially 'The Moss Man', as a business name, was just a lark, and for at least a year we thought we needed a more 'proper' name for the business. But with all the smiles and laughs 'The Moss Man' seemed to bring to people (and so easy to remember), the name just stuck!

Today the Moss Man team continues to happily and professionally serve the chemical-free roof de-mossing, gutter-cleaning & exterior window-washing needs of home and business owners throughout Greater Victoria, from Sooke to Sidney!

And we look forward to serving you too!

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