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The Moss Man Home Maintenance Co. Ltd. Services

1000s Served
From Sooke
to Sidney
Since 1996

    Our Services Include:

    • Chemical-Free Roof De-Mossing

      Our chemical-free, manual roof de-mossing service is all about adding years of life to your roof… and saving you lots of money and headache in the long run. It also makes your house look nice again! We do not use chemicals... simply because chemicals do not remove roof moss. Bonus for the environment too! We use hand tools (no power-washing!), and target only the moss, removing as close to 100% of it as possible, leaving roofing materials in tact, and your roof looking new again! We also clean your gutters where we de-moss at no extra charge! Our chemical-free de-mossing service is so thorough that it is designed not to be an annual event: it is usually done once or twice maximum in the life of a typical Westcoast roof. We are fastidious about our post-job ground- and deck-level clean up too. Like all our customers, we’re sure you will appreciate that!

    • Gutter Cleaning and Repair

      Time for annual or bi-annual gutter cleaning? We clean thousands of them! This is a crucial home maintenance task that we’ll tackle for you all year long-- except when it’s icy! Ask us to put you on our regular customer list and we’ll remember to take care of your gutters regularly. We can clean the grime off the outsides of your gutters too! Also seal leaks and repair downspouts too!

    • Exterior Window Washing

      Ah, one of our favourite tasks. Gleaming windows are such a treat! We wash exterior windows only… and clean all the tracks and screens too!

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